US English translation can be very beneficial to your business in the US. In fact, after many years of business trade deficit, the commercial relationship between France and the United States has become stronger in 2018, with a commercial surplus of 3 billion euros. This change is due to high exportations, of more than 5 billion euros, while imports remain almost at the same level.

Why should you translate to US English for exportation?

The United States is France’s 4th economic partner and its 3rd investor.

The main sectors concerned are:

  • Material transport, which represents 29% of exportations
  • The Agro-Food industries: 11.5%
  • The pharmaceutical industry: 10.5%
  • Industrial machinery and agricultural: 8%

It’s worth noting that the levels of material importation from the USA are almost identical to that of exportations, which is 11,38 billion euros. The United States represents 91% of exportations to North America. This makes it a huge market which can be easily accessed with US English translation.

Interested in exporting to the USA using US English translation?

As we’ve already seen, the USA is a vast exportation market for French businesses. So why would a French business, who hasn’t yet reached the US market be interested in expanding to this market?

US English translation for exportation to gain access to a market of this magnitude

With a population of 300 million and an economy that represents 20% of the world’s economy, it is more or less the biggest market in the world.

A dynamic economy

In 2018, the growth rate of the economy was at 3%, compared to 2.7% in 2017. This growth is due to the high consumption and investment rates. In France the growth was 1.5%, which is have of the American growth rate.

Lower unemployment rates

With a 3.9% unemployment rate, the USA has the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded, according to statistics. Whereas the unemployment rate in France is at 9%.

With a more sizeable growth rate than the majority of western countries, an almost inexistant unemployment rate and a pro-business culture, the United States is definitely an option to consider in developing your sales.

Things to know about exporting to the USA by using US English translation

Contact the US Customs and Border Protection

This is the federal agency that is in charge of customs in the US. Their main mission is to ensure that terrorists are not able to enter the country. They check the legality of the merchandise that is exported to the US. You must also know your MID Number. This number is required for the CBP form 7501 which is a mandatory document that is used by the CBP to analyse and determine the accuracy of information regarding the imported commodity.

Be familiar with the customs regulations concerning your products.

You must also be aware of your HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule). This will allow you to know which HTS relates to your business activity, and the customs rates that you will be charged. There are no VAT charges on exports, as long as they are in line with regulations in place at customs. To pay customs duties on your merchandise, you have to get in contact with a US Licensed Customs Broker. You must specify the country of origin, and clearly indicate in English, whatever does not concern France regarding customs procedures.

You must be aware of American culture and rules for US English translation

Health regulations vary from country to country. For example in the USA, the FDA (Food and Drug Agency) impose strict health rules concerning food products and imported medicines. It is the responsibility of every business to ensure that their products respect all of these rules and regulations, because if not, it will simply be rejected. To find out which regulations do and do not apply to your products, we recommend that you check their website and read page 205.

Exporting to the USA is a difficult decision to make, because it requires a lot of responsibility. You must be informed of every local regulation, be aware of the competitive environment, and the laws in place. It is also very important to have knowledge of foreign languages, English in this case. Being able to speak foreign languages is a real plus in the United States, especially Spanish and Chinese.

So, how do you go about choosing the right translation agency?

All of our team here at ACSTraduction is at your disposal, to help your business development in the USA be as successful as possible by providing you with translations that have all been done by native speakers of the language. We offer all of our services to companies of all sizes that are exporting to the US. Come and see us to discuss your projects, we would be more than happy to help you in realising your objectives.