Whether you want to have you website localised to begin your international venture, or you just want to translate your legal documents, it is very important to seek the help of a translation agency. You definitely cannot get your work colleague who speaks English to translate all of your documents!

By getting the help of a translation agency, you avoid all the misunderstandings, and ensure your credibility abroad.

However, the rise in demand in the market has given rise to the provision of this service. Many translation agencies were specifically created to take advantage of this growing demand, but unfortunately, there can be huge quality differences between these agencies.

Many of these agencies do not follow the strict requirements that should be followed when providing precise and reliable commercial translations.

So, here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your translation agency. These tips will allow you to choose the right translation agency who will have the level of professionalism that you require.

The translation agency takes the time to understand your objectives

What objective can a translation agency help you to accomplish? Many translation agencies specialise in specific sectors (for example, those that deal with the legal sector) and will therefore be best suited to meet your needs and requirements.

To determine your objective, there are several points that you should clarify.

  • The first one, the most obvious, is the language.
  • There is also the target audience to consider, for example the Spanish spoken in Spain varies from the Spanish spoken in Argentina. And that is without even considering the minority languages in these countries, for example, Catalan, Basque, Valencian… If you want to be able to reach your audience, you must use the specific means of the target audience, such as these minority languages.
  • Finally, the type of document for translation is also very important. It could vary from pamphlets, trial outcomes, websites, technical documents… In order to be able to cater to the specific requirements of the project, translation agencies must use specifically required tools and skills.

When translating documents from one language to another, the spacing requirements are generally different. This means that translation agencies must take the document layout into account when translating the documents, so that the content can be perfectly integrated in the visual space granted by the publication.

It is very important that the translator designated to your project understands the project objectives, as well as the constraints that must be followed, so that they can provide you with a translation specifically adapted to your needs.

The translation agency has translators who are native speakers

Translation is a task that requires the translator to have an excellent command of the target language. That is why it is always preferable that the translator be a native speaker of the target language. This way the translator will be very capable of recreating the source text material faithfully in the target language, and dealing with linguistic expressions and subtilities of the target country.

These subtle cultural references are what will make all the difference in the translated content. To ensure the best translation outcomes, make sure that the translation agency you are considering working with has native speakers who are capable of providing precise, high quality translations and lead to great results.

A specialised translation agency

Translations are becoming more and more popular in fields that require particular knowledge, for example:

  • the legal sector
  • the medical sector
  • the marketing sector

In general, professional translators are specialised in a specific field, and will therefore be quite capable of understanding the specificities of the jargon used in the document.

When you are searching for a translation agency, look out for agencies that offer specialised translators in your field.

Translations in these key fields must be exact. Therefore, having knowledge of the field is essential in order to have the high quality standard and desired effect on your target audience.


To be able to work effectively with a translation agency, you must be able to confide in them. You will be entrusting them with very sensitive information and you should be sure that the work will be carried out ensuring specific confidentiality requirements.

To be sure of this, you lust make sure that the translation agency you are working with signs a confidentiality agreement.


Having a translation done by a translator is an important exchange that creates trust and interdependence. This is why it is preferred to assign the same translator to your future translation needs and requirements.

They will already be familiar with your business, your specific needs, and most importantly, they will know you. The work relationship is better and the effectiveness of the work is ensured. A translation agency can offer you the same translation that you can work with again in the future if need be.

By following these tips, you will be able to discover the professionalism of a translation agency and choose the translation agency that is best suited to your specific translation needs.

At ACSTraduction, with 20 years of experience behind us, we are renowned for the quality of our translations and consistency with our clients. We would be delighted to help you in succeeding in your international ventures.