Businesses, individuals, associations, everyone will have access to a professional translation service, as well as project management services. We cover a wide range of areas such as: administrative, financial, legal, or marketing. But there is also more than one type of translation, so to speak. There isn’t one specific way of translating, and every translator can’t translate everything. It all depends on your needs and requirements.

Call into a translation agency gives you access to a service that caters to your specific expectations.. We’ll tell you why!

It’s the insurance of project management from start to finish!

The same point of contact throughout the whole project

A translation agency will ensure that your project is managed from A to Z by the same person. From the quotation process up until the translation delivery.

Proof-reading before delivery

Furthermore, you will be guaranteed a complete proof-reading and perfect terminology usage for each language.

In addition, according to the timeframes and the volume of the translation, the translation agency will have multiple translators cooperating on your project so that you are guaranteed a consistent final document. In accordance with translation ISO translation requirement number 17100:2015, the translation must be subject to an “in-depth” proof-reading. The translation agency’s proof-reader will then compare both source and target document before the final translation product is delivered.

Important translated documents with the same layout

While using an independent translator provides a more personal experience and a more cost-effective one than that of a translation agency, trusting your documents to a translation agency ensures that the final document is proof-read and ready for use immediately.

Translation agencies work with various support tools, which is why you can rest assured that they will have no problems in translating your documents while maintaining the document layout.

Working with translation agencies means having various projects taken care of, in any field of activity.

For your specialised translations, you must seek out the assistance of specialised translators who possess profound knowledge of the appropriate terminology of the field. Translation agencies have specialised translators in each field. They will therefore be able to assist you in various types of projects, from your product catalogue to your terms and conditions.

If need be, you can ask for a sample translation, so that you can be assured that the final product reflects your needs.

Project managing will help you save time

If your project is substantial, trusting a translation agency with translating them would save you a lot of time.

In fact, in cases of urgency, translation agency sometimes have multiple translators collaborating on a project, all while following the specific guidelines. Translation agencies dispose of very useful programmes that allow translators to collaborate even from afar. And even more, you will have a professional translation project manager there to guide you.

Innovative project management, Post-edition

Finally, if your project is for internal use or personal use and therefore does not require special attention to the layout, it is possible to simply ask for a post-edition. Translation agencies dispose of high quality machine translation tools and will therefore be able to correct your pre-translated documents. You will have the option of having a partial post-edition or a complete post-edition, which will be carried out according to our high standards. Partial post-edition consists of checking grammar, spelling, comprehension and meaning. Complete post-edition consists of checking the style of the target documents and the coherence will also be taken into account.

For any and all questions related to a service provision adapted to your specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.

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