A translation agency often deals with multiple types of translation work, including the translation of texts, audio-visual translation, website translation, translating a company’s customer services page, etc. These different types of translation can be in several different fields, depending on the client and their field. However, before translating a website, a video or a text, the translation agency must first understand the technology. In this article we are going to discover why it is so important for the translator to have knowledge of the field of translation when translating technical documents.

A translation agency must guarantee comprehension of the product

The first reason is quite evident, a translation agency must understand their client’s technology in order to effectively translate. During the early phases of exchanging with the client, the translation agency must ask the client about their field of expertise. This way, the agency will be able to adapt the language to one that will be understood by the target audience readership or listeners.

For example, if you work in the health sector and you are seeking the help of a translation agency to translate your website. To produce a high quality translation, your translation agency must be familiar with your field and know the specific jargon that is used in order to successfully translate your website. This way, you will get a fluent and natural translation of your website. If, on the other hand, the agency does not take the time to analyse the website, the translation can possibly end up being very poor in quality and can resemble a word-for-word translation.

In order to ensure a high quality translation, the translator should not only master the source and target language, but also:

  • Have knowledge in the translation sector
  • Have knowledge of the jargon used within the sector
  • Understand the target audience readership

The translation must convey a message

Even if a translation agency (or a translator) masters several languages, they can never convey a message to your target audience if they don’t know your technology. Also, what use is a translation if it doesn’t allow you to share your projects with your customers in their native language? You should know that the main quality of a good translator is the capacity to be able to convey a message in another language. If your translator translates like a robot and does not take the time to understand your technology, you can be sure that your target audience will not understand either.

In this case, before choosing a translation agency, rest assured that a translation agency is greatly interested in getting to know your technology, your universe, your domain of expertise and in your opinion. Usually, a good translation agency and a great translator will not settle for just translating your project. They will also ensure that your project will be perfectly understood by the target audience. A good translation agency therefore cannot use the identical terminology as the source text. However, they will know how to convey your exact message effectively in the target language.

A translation agency must adapt to the target culture

When we go from one language to another, we don’t just go from one word to another word. We leave a culture behind in order to inhabit another. Translation is therefore the practice of adapting a specific concept into the target language as well as the culture. The culture, mentality and way of life of one country will never be the same as those of another. If you want to get a manuscript, a website, or any other project translated, you should take the culture of the target audience into consideration.

A translation agency can help you with this, you can be certain that they can transform your project into the target language, as well as the target culture. And the first thing that ensures that your translation is perfect and suits the target culture, is that the translation agency perfectly understands your technology.

A successful translation cannot be produced unless your translation agency is actually interested in your technology. In fact, if the translation agency understands the sector in which the client is based, they will have no problem reproducing the source text message and adapting it to the target language and culture in a natural way. A translation agency should always listen to their clients in order to produce successful translations.

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