Online commination is vital, because it is the first time the business and its future clients meet. Having only online content is not enough today. Your content must be original and relevant in order to cater to the needs and requirements of your target audience. You also have to tailor your content to SEO guidelines.

Try to use a varied means of communication media by using the most popular content type: videos.

You have definitely heard that YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the second most used search engine worldwide after …Google! In order to optimise your international video strategy, there are two questions to ask yourself:

  • Which video type should you use for an international target audience?
  • How can you improve the SEO of your content, more particularly, your videos for an international audience?

Which video type should you use for an international target audience?

Demonstration videos

Demonstration videos allow you to showcase what you are offering. This is your chance to introduce your product, or describe the services that you offer. You could also do a tutorial video, so that your clients have that extra support if need be!

The communication routes as well as the video style will differ depending on the target country.

Customer reviews

According to a study carried out by People Claim, 70% of internet users check online reviews. The study also highlights the importance of video content of costumer reviews increases the conversion rate.

In an international context, it is just as necessary to have video reviews from local customers.

Videos of the company director

In your video communication strategy you can also include videos of the company director. This will showcase the authenticity of the company and allow for internet uses to put a face to the company name. This will also show the director’s interest in directly addressing current and future clients, which highlights the human side of the company.

Company presentation

A corporate company video is very important in the digital era. This allows you to introduce your company, its story, your visions, and values, as well as what makes you better than the other companies in the same market. And even more important, this allows you to connect with you current and future customers by helping them to understand you and your company.

How can you improve the SEO of your content for an international audience?

Optimize your video content in accordance with SEO guidelines.

All the videos that you decide to upload (with subtitles, or separate videos for each language) must be optimized for referencing. You must translate and optimize the video titles, keywords, markers, and meta-descriptions in order to reach your worldwide audience. This is the very definition of Search Engine Optimization.

Use the correct keywords

Finding the most relevant keywords does not mean just translating the key words from one language to another. Searching the same subject uses completely different keywords depending on the country.

Asking a native speaker is one of the best ways to find the right keywords. You can also seek the help of a translation agency.

Translation for your SEO content

Having a perfect translation is vital to the success of your international video communication strategy. Avoid using machine translation, as they can sometimes portray the wrong image, and have disastrous effects on your strategy.

Seek out the help of a translation agency in order to get the best translation quality possible for all the video content creating that you have done. Your translation agency will be able to best advise you and give you valuable tips so that your message can be adapted effectively to your target audience.

Cultural differences

If your target audience is situated in China, make sure that you choose the right distribution channel. Google and YouTube, the latter owned by the previous, are very popular in Europe and America. But in China, where YouTube is banned, the most popular search engine is Baidu!

Make sure that you research each country and the specific search engines that your future clients use.

To conclude, do not forget to always track your progress This way you can identify what is working well and what needs to be fixed. By following these steps, you will be able to spread your brand on an international level. You will be portraying a dynamic and modern image for your company by fully embracing this form of communication.