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The international day of translation takes place on the 30th of September at Saint-Jérôme. Why at Saint-Jérôme, you ask? Simply because it is the day of the patron saint of translation. Often considered as the translator who translated the Bible into Latin. He is a world renowned figure and is the symbol of the conveyors of meaning, that are translators.

International day of translation

The date of the International Day of Translation was introduced by the International Federation of Translators (IFT) in 1991. But it was not until the 24th of May 2017, at the United Nations General Assembly that the date was officially recognised as the International Day of Translation.

This day seeks to show appreciation to translators, but also to all linguistic professionals, who have contributed so much towards unity of nations, to dialogue, to mutual understanding, and to cooperation, as well as to the development and reinforcement of peace and security all over the world.

What’s even more is that this day allows for others to discover this not so well-known profession. Most people actually believe that being bilingual is enough to be a skilled translator. But here at ACSTraduction, we know that this simply isn’t the case. Rendering information in a clear and precise manner from one language to another requires a certain expertise.

This year, Aboriginal languages will be honoured thanks to the work of several businesses and syndicates, like the FST. (French Society of Translators). In fact, This year, there will be a range of workshops and meetings all over France. The events taking place are scattered all over France and are open to all, from professional translators to the general public.

Would you like to find out more about the career of a translator? There are multiple events taking place in multiple big cities near you.