The way in which the public view a company’s product has a huge impact on the company’s sales and revenues. In a competitive and globalised commercial market, a company’s positive image can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

Companies that target an international audience must prove their effort in their marketing and communication strategies. Although a foreign brand can often play on this status in certain markets, they are targeting specific audiences with their own culture.

In fact, the most important thing for a company arriving in a new market is to address their clients in their native language. Here are some frequently asked questions: Why should you use video in your international communication? How can you improve your SEO ranking with a multilingual website?

Firstly, a translation agency that also offers linguistic services can improve a company’s image if they master certain key factors. In this article, we will explore the most important aspects of constructing a brand image. We will also explain how translation agencies help companies to create their image to attract an international audience.

Why hire a translation agency to work on your brand image?

Translation agencies offer a wide range of services of services in a lot of the necessary commercial fields, language, culture, technical, legal, and marketing. A culturally adapted and precise translation is essential in order to create your brand image. However, there are many examples of big brand names that have not managed to convey their message internationally. Here are a few examples of badly translated advertisements.

Your communication: the first point of contact with your future clients

When a company is getting into international marketing, marketing media will be their first point of contact with their target audience. They must therefore have a translated version of their website, brochures and their posters so that they can leave a good first impression.

A brand image adapted to cultural norms of a specific country

A translation agency will faithfully translate your marketing media, but will also be able to adapt the message according to the norms in the target culture. The company must be conscious of socio-cultural values, political, religious and historic opinions of the target country in which they are hoping to develop. If not, they run the risk of having the opposite effect and end up sending out a bad message that will damage their reputation.

<h2High-quality translators for your brand image</h2

In fact, an in-depth knowledge of the language, both written and spoken, is very important in establishing a good communication strategy. The way in which the company adapts its messages to its target audience undoubtedly contributes to the success of the company’s commercial transactions.

Native target language translators

As you can probably understand, language has numerous complex details that require an in-depth knowledge. This is why translation agencies confide in native speakers.

All of our translators at ACSTraduction are native speakers of their working languages.

Qualified translators and experts in their fields

They are qualified experts in their particular areas. It is very important that the language is manipulated with expert precision all while employing the use of particular language expressions as well as displaying a range of synonyms.

Brand messages sometimes need to be adapted in order to correspond to the target audience’s mentality. Even the most subtle differences in tone between written and oral communications can make a huge difference.

For example, marketing content in France is generally written in a conversational style and imperatives are very uncommon. On the other hand, in the US this tone is widely used with an urging tone – “buy now!”.

In Germany it is illegal for a company to claim to be “the best”.

Improve your brand image

Constructing your brand image requires communication efforts on various different platforms. Internet sites, advertising campaigns, press announcements, targeting influencers, and customer participation on social media. This is how we help companies with all these different platforms.

To carry out commercial work, the company must often seek out the help of salespeople/local agencies. This best way to provide a personal touch in your product, service and brand image is to translate the set of documents into the native language of your customers. This will allow them to familiarise themselves with the company and what it does.

Translating your leaflets

Translation agencies help companies with scripting and training material.

Translating legal documents

Translation agencies are also able to help companies with whatever legal translations they may need. Translations such as personal contracts, confidentiality agreements, and general terms and conditions.


Companies who advertise using promotion videos should also think about taking advantage of transcription services. Transcription is the process of transferring oral content into written content.

Audio and video files can sometimes have regional accents which are not suitable for a wider target audience. For example, using Irish or English adverts in the US market may not be very effective.

Expanding into foreign markets is a great strategy that can be extremely complicated if you try to take on the task alone. Maximise your chances of success by having a high quality translation agency in your corner. Your company’s reputation is on the line, as well as your credibility. As Warren Buffet states “It takes 20 years to build your reputation and only 5 minutes to destroy it”.