Floriane, customer service, translation project manager

Legalisation, apostilles, sworn translation… these actually mean something to Floriane!

Meet the the person who will help you deal with the translation of your documents

What did you do after finishing school?

I received a Science diploma, which doesn’t really have anything to do with languages. Then I completed a 2-year undergraduate diploma in Quality, industrial logistics and organisation. During these two years, I learned to manage projects as well as production management. Event though I really liked project managing and quality control, I wasn’t really happy with the work environment I would have gone on to work in. So, I decided to give languages a go, and applied for a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages in Lille. When I finished my 1st year, I changed degrees, transferring to 2nd year Translation and International Relations at ESTRI, Lyon.

4 years later, I had 2 different experiences in project management and a Degree in specialised translation and liaison interpreting. Then, I got a job as a private client project manager at ACSTraduction.

What made you choose between translation and project management?

I actually discovered project management before I had even taken a class!
It was during my Master’s degree internship in a translation agency in Peru that I discovered project management “on a larger scale”. There, I was tasked with translation tasks, as well as project management tasks. I was able to learn how to analyse translation requests, prepare estimations, contact the clients and translators. This experience really provided me with an insight into the field and made me want to do another internship specifically in project management.
So, then I completed my end of study internship at Caupenne & Co, a translation agency based in Lyon.

Can you tell us what your job entails at ACSTraduction?

I receive clients’ translation requests, analyse their needs and requirements, and then provide them with a personalised quotation. Upon reception of the translation request, I analyse their needs, consult the documents provided, prepare cost estimates per word, and provide our clients with a delivery estimation. As soon as the quotation is accepted, I get on with the search for the most suitable translator for the job. In fact, choosing the translator all depends on the degree of technicality of the text. I also deal with managing multilingual project (when several documents in one language have to be translated into multiple different languages or when several documents written in multiple different languages have to be translated into one language). The majority of translation requests that I deal with come from private clients. These translations mainly concern clients who wish to have official documents translated, most of the time for administrative procedures. The translations then need to be certified so that the files are accepted by whichever organisations they are destined for.

I also deal with proof reading translated documents in French and insure delivery in a timely manner. I pay close attention to the details in terms of the quality control process of translation. As well as my other tasks, I draw up documents and procedures in order to improve project management and translations (progress monitoring tables, etc.)

What’s your favourite thing about project managing?

The interpersonal aspect, definitely. It wasn’t clear to me at the beginning, but I have really learned to appreciate this facet of my job. I particularly enjoy being able to provide our customers, to whom the world of certified translation is a mystery, with all the information they need. I help to clarify the process for them and how it concerns their procedures: letting them know if their documents need to be accompanied by an apostille or be legalised.

What’s your watchword?

Professionalism. It’s essential that our clients can always count on us. We are always here to answer any questions that they may have about certified translation.

By Emeline Cizeron, for ACS Traduction, 2019.

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